2018-07-05 – WBCCI 2018 Wine Tasting Caravan – Day 4 – Sebastopol and Paso Robles

Thursday morning we had to pack up, hitch up, and be ready to roll quite early… about 9:00 am.  We pulled the Airstreams south about 15 miles to the little city of Sebastopol.  We had an appointment at Kosta Browne Winery:


As mentioned earlier, we all found parking spaces for our Airstreams.  We gathered in front of closed gates – Kosta Browne is not open to the public.  We pushed the “call” button, and announced ourselves; the gates opened and we entered into the courtyard between the winery’s three buildings:


We entered the first warehouse-looking building and found ourselves in what appeared to be a beautiful contemporary house – Entry with steel stair, Living Room with fireplace. Dining Room across the entry, with matching fireplace, and kitchen/tasting room.


We began by tasting a fabulous Chardonnay, as we heard the story of Kosta-Browne.  It all began with two friends, Dan Kosta and Michael Browne.  The year was 1997 and the buddies both were working at John Ash & Co., a popular restaurant in Santa Rosa, California.  Dan was the general manager; Michael was the sommelier.  But their real passion was something bigger, bolder, and more brazen than anything either ever had done: They wanted to create Pinot Noir.  The catch: Neither gentleman had experience making wine.  What ensued was a tale of perseverance, dedication, and hard work.

Dan and Michael managed to scrape together $1,400; they bought a half-ton of pinot noir grapes from Everett Ridge, in the Russian River appellation.  They estimate they spent about $400 of their cash on equipment and about $1,000 on grapes. Once the wine was in the barrel, they made enough labels for 24 cases.

Dan and Michael poured most of that first barrel for VIP customers at the restaurant.  The following year—2000 — Dan and Michael set out to make more pinot noir.  After weeks of networking, Michael convinced John Ferrington, the former assistant winemaker at Williams Selyem, to connect him with the owners at Cohn Vineyard, a source for one of Williams Selyem’s single-vineyard designate wines.  Always the charmer, Michael convinced the Cohns to sell him grapes.  They also convinced some customers and friends to invest in their new company.

In 2005, Wine Spectator Magazine gave their 2003 wines 95 point scores. They were unprecedented scores for a winery as small and as new as Kosta Browne. The scores changed everything.  From there, the name of the game at Kosta Browne was growth. With growing numbers of collectors and connoisseurs becoming interested in Kosta Browne, demand skyrocketed, and the brand set off on the path toward becoming the fan-favorite it is today. Vintages sold out.  The list to be on the list grew.  Michael and Dan found themselves in the difficult-but-not-shabby position of telling friends and customers that they’d have to wait for the opportunity to purchase wine.  It all added to the mystique. They were able to move into their own dedicated winery facility.  Almost overnight, Kosta Browne became a cult sensation.  It was an overnight success that took eight years to happen. The rest, as they say, is history.

I was part of that early fan base. Although it took me 4 years to be allowed to buy wine, it was well worth the wait.  Today was my first visit to the winery!

After a little tasting we toured more of the facility:


After the tour we returned to the tasting room for more samples.  Since they have no wine to see, we bid a fond farewell to Kosta Browne.


We pointed the Airstreams south.  Destination:  Paso Robles… We arrived in north-east Paso Robles at about 5:00 pm.  It was hot.  Very hot.  But a cloud cover was starting to form.  We pulled into the vineyards of Record Family Wines.  We parked the Airstreams next to some oak trees and tried to find some shade.


At about 6:00, Randy and Anne Record, the vineyard owners, met us under the oak trees; they were shortly joined by their daughter, Mindy.  Mindy is the vineyard manager.  Record Family Wines sells about 90% of their grapes, leaving about 10% to make wine.  Randy lined up the bottles on the bed of a flat bed truck, and we began to taste as the sun dropped low into the western sky.


About 10:00 we finally turned in.  The temperatures had dropped and we had a lovely night’s sleep.  And an enjoyable time was had by all…





























2018-07-04 – WBCCI 2018 Wine Tasting Caravan – Day 3 – Russian River Valley

Today is Independence Day!  We celebrated being free of leading the Wine Tasting Caravan!

We had a leisurely morning, then we set out for the coast.  It is about 17 miles along a winding road to the town of Jenner.  There isn’t much to Jenner, but we could see across the river to Sonoma Coast State Park, along the ocean front.



We drove around to the park, found the closest parking lot to the coast, and walked.  And walked…


We walked along the beach, back to the mouth of the river.  There were kayakers and canoers  in the river, and a few hearty souls on the beach.


Then we spotted what looked like rocks arranged along the shore. Upon closer investigation we found that they were Harbor Seals and their pups!


We walked many more delightful areas of this beach, then headed further south…


We headed south to Bodega Bay.  We found a nice restaurant for lunch – Bluepoint Cafe – that had a lovely view over the bay and the harbor.


We returned to River Bend RV Park in time for dinner – BBQ hot dogs, potatoes salad, potato chips… And an enjoyable time was had by all…




2018-07-03 – WBCCI 2018 Wine Tasting Caravan – Day 2 – Russian River Valley

Today is our first day of tasting, and what a day it is!  If you know anything about wine, you know that the Russian River Valley and the Sonoma Coast are synonymous with great Pinot Noir!  Today we visited three great wineries and then had dinner in the “capitol” of Russian River Valley, Healdsburg.

Our first stop was at Williams Selyem Winery.  Burt Williams and Ed Selyem started their winery in very simple circumstances in the 1980s and quickly amassed a cult following by producing outstanding wines that were in a style that goes great with, and enhances, food.  When I first read about them, I tried to buy their wines, only to be told that they are sold exclusively to members of the wine allocation list; I was welcome to sign up on the waiting list to get on the allocation list!.  Five years later, around 1995, I was “allocated” (allowed to buy) two bottles.  Over the years my allocation has been increased, and now I cannot afford to buy all the wine they will let me.  Burt and Ed retired many years ago, but their wines still retain their quality.

We began our tasting at their Tasting Salon:


They had a table set for us and a full line-up of wines to taste:


After a few wines were tasted, there was a brief tour of the facilities:


Then we moved outside to learn about the vineyards:


We returned inside the building, bought  a few bottles, and moved on…

Next stop is MacRostie;  someone told us this was a nice place and we agree;  there was a beautiful building, a greeter with sparking wine to share, and a table set for us:


Wine was really good, service was great and leisurely, and the views are hard to top!

Finally we moved on to our final tasting for the day:  Rochioli… the Rochioli family has been farming this land, growing grapes, and making great wine for over 80 years…

Again we were greeted, shown to a table under a bright orange umbrella, overlooking the vineyards below.  Wines were presented, comments exchanged, and questions asked…


It was a grueling day.  Now, all we needed was some dinner; we drove to the town of Healdsburg – dripping with wine country charm. We had some time to kill before dinner; some of our group looked for a place to have a beer, others shopped.  I took a nap on a park bench…

Our dinner was at Bravas, a Spanish tapas/small plates place.  We had a lovely table on the patio in the “back yard”.  We shared many courses: toast with olive oil, garlic, and sea salt; Duck meatballs; Long cooked pork cheeks; Croquetas with creamy chicken, ham, and Gruyere cheese; Chicken thighs with candied garlic; Octopus with smoked paprika and olives… All this was accompanied by bottles of William Selyem and Rochioli wines…


And that concludes the first day of wine tasting.  An enjoyable time was had by all…


































2018-07-02 – WBCCI 2018 Wine Tasting Caravan – Day 1 – Russian River Valley

After a good night’s sleep in The Villa, in a pasture of a winery, we were ready to go!  We stopped at Starbucks for morning coffee, and we headed west on Hwy 12. We went through the Sacramento Delta, through the towns of Rio Vista, Fairfield, and Suisun City.  Then through the city of Napa, the Carneros region, and then into Sonoma County.


Yes, it is gorgeous!

As we approached the River Bend RV park we called to see if our campsite was open – we were very early again.  We were told that it was not, so we did a little reconnoitering… On Thursday, we will be pulling our Airstreams from the RV park about 15 miles south to Sebastopol, for a tasting at Kosta Browne; then we are heading south to Paso Robles.  Since we needed space to park four Airstream rigs, I wanted to see for myself.  It was an easy drive, and we arrived in downtown Sebastopol in about 15 minutes.  We found the winery (it is not open to the public, and it is located in an industrial zone).  Happily, we found several streets that appeared to have plenty of space to park our rigs!

We headed back to the RV park, checked in, and met our first caravan participants: Don and Marian Hetzler, from Troy, Ohio.  We found that their Airstream is a twin to ours!


Airstream only made 20-25 of this model between 2000 and 2005: 34′ Classic, with slide-out lounge.  And here we were with two of them!

After settling in we walked abround the park.  We had been here just two weeks ago, so there was not too much new.  The Russian River was still there:


Soon our other caravanners arrived: Nora Stapleton from Costa Mesa, CA, and Diane and Tim Sommerville, from Laguna Niguel, CA.

As is our tradition, we held a GAM, or Get Acquainted Meeting.  This consisted of happy hours, with food and wine, and lots of conversations, getting to know each other.  We also discussed our itinerary while in this location, logistics of driving to the various wineries, and other technical issues.

And an enjoyable time was had by all!


















2018-07-01 – Leaving for the WBCCI 2018 Wine Tasting Caravan

We left bright and early on Sunday morning.  I love driving in the early morning hours!  We headed west on the 210, which joins the northbound 5 in Sylmar, just as the climb over the Grapevine/Tejon pass (5,000′ elevation) begins…

It was an easy drive. I set the cruise control to 62 mph and never touched the pedals for two and one half hours.  We stopped for breakfast at the bottom of the hill; there was a large parking lot:


Tomorrow we begin leading the WBCCI 2018 Wine Tasting Caravan.  We will be spending time at some of our favorite wineries in the Russian River Valley (western Sonoma County), Paso Robles, and the Santa Maria/Santa Ynez Valley.  We will be joined by three other Airstreams.  Our “rendezvous” is tomorrow; more on the caravan later.

After breakfast, we headed up the mighty 5, through the central valley, to Lodi.  We pulled into the vineyards of Jessie’s Grove Winery:



We parked in their “pasture”; it made a great camping spot for the evening:


We are staying here due to our membership in “Harvest Hosts”; they find wineries, farms, museums, historical sites, markets, etc., who allow you to camp for free; the gentleman’s agreement is that you spend a little money.  We never shy away from wine tasting, so after getting parked, we wanted over to their grove of oak trees and spent some time (and money) in their tasting room.

After sitting in the car all day, we needed to do a little walking; luckily, there were three more wineries about one mile down the road. We picked one that looked good, and we set out.  It was warm, about 95 degrees, but there was a slight breeze, and it was already cooling off.  We found Lucas Winery, tasted wine, bought a few bottles of a very nice Zinfandel Rose’, and headed back to The Villa…

We enjoyed one bottle of the Zinfandel Rose’ and a few simple snacks and a pizza…  Since we had been on the road since 4:00 am, we turned in early.

And an enjoyable first day was had by all…

































2018-06-15 – Mini Wine tasting Trip to Sonoma County

After cancelling a 2 month Airstream trip (Springtime in the Rockies Caravan plus travel to the Airstream International Rally (or convention) in Salem, Oregon), we were looking for an excuse to do other shorter excursions.  We had been toying with extending the return trip from Salem into another Wine Tasting Caravan along the California Coast. This all came to fruition when another opportunity arose: One of our favorite wineries,  J. Rochioli Vineyard & Winery, invited us to their “Single Vineyard Celebration”.  This is an annual event wherein they offer wine tasting of their best wines along with fabulous food by the famous chef, Charlie Palmer.  Since we were able to take the time, we jumped at the opportunity!

The winery is located in the Russian River Valley of western Sonoma County, California, about 70 miles north of San Francisco. We planned a quick trip north, two days of wine tasting, and a quick trip back home.

This being the first time we were leaving from our new home in Redlands, we relished the thought of being able to travel north without having to drive through the heart of Los Angeles.  I’m very comfortable driving in LA, but we have done it so often that we were happy to be able to drive where we have never, or rarely, driven before.

We left bright and early on Friday, June 15; we drove up and over Cajon Pass; at an elevation of 3,776′, it was the last obstacle of the 19 century pioneers and dust bowl refugees before they left the desert behind and descended into the beauty of Southern California. Today it is all modern freeway, and most autos handle it without a thought…

Out destination today was Lodi, made famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival:

Just about a year ago
I set out on the road
Seekin’ my fame and fortune
Lookin’ for a pot of gold
Thing got bad things got worse
I guess you will know the tune
Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again

Apparently the author had never been to Lodi, but the town name fit the music, much like Williams, Arizona in another famous song ( and blog post) …

As I said, we drove over the Cajon Pass, then we headed west towards Palmdale and Lancaster, eventually reaching Bakersfield and continuing north along old Hwy 99, though the Central Valley,  one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions.  More than 230 crops are grown here. On less than 1 percent of the total farmland in the United States, the Central Valley produces 8 percent of the nation’s agricultural output.  Our stops were brief, mostly for fuel:


We arrived at our “camping spot” at just about 4:30.  This is later than normal for us, but, like I said, we were trying to make time.  We took advantage of our Harvest Host membership and parked in the vineyards of Van Ruiten Family Winery.  We did a little wine tasting, bought a little wine, checked Yelp for nearby restaurants, and hailed Uber for a short ride to dinner.


After dinner we walked the 2.7 miles back to the Airstream and turned in for the night…

Saturday morning we were up, out, and about quite early.  After stopping at Starbucks for a quick fix we headed west on Hwy 12, through Rio Vista, Fairfield, Napa, and on into Sonoma County. Once we were in the Russian River Valley we easily found River Bend RV Resort:


Luckily our site was vacant, and they let us check in early.  We quickly set up and checked out the park.  The RV sites and the Tenting sites leave something to be desired, but the river was beautiful!


Today our big event is the Rochioli Single Vineyard Celebration!  We drove through the forest until the vineyards appeared.


We were welcomed to the party with Rochioli Sparking Rose’, and then we heard chef Charlie Palmer explain some of the food offerings.  We made our way through the tasting room and into a large courtyard adjacent to the winery, where we found a table in the shade.


We spent the entire afternoon there, listening to the live band, meeting other Rochioli folks, and, of course, tasting many great wines and having some wonderful food!  Of course, the surroundings were great!


On Sunday we set out to research tasting opportunities to share with others on the 2018 WBCCI Wine Tasting Caravan.  We visited Woodenhead – very rustic,, quiet, and simple.


Then on to Williams Selyem… Not just a tasting room, or even a tasting salon, but a genuine tasting palace!  Very relaxed, personal, and spectacular wines…


Next was MacRosties.  Very formal (they asked if we had reservations), with individual tables, servers, menus… all in a very nice room:


Three very different experiences, all fun!

Monday was our return trip – reversing course through Sonoma, across the 12 to the 99, then down to Bakersfield for the night; Tuesday we were home.

And an enjoyable time was had by all…

















































2018-06-01 Catching up on Airstream Camping and Travels

So, between packing and moving and remodeling and unpacking (not all in that order…) and with more grandchildren to chase around, we have been sticking pretty close to home.  First, so that we could be in California for the blessed event (Evelyn) in March, we postponed our planned Cajun Country Caravan until next year.  Then, so that we could move and almost keep our sanity, we postponed the Springtime in the Rockies Caravan until next year.  However, we have been able to attend several local Unit rallies of the South Coast Airstream Club:

This is Hemet in January:


This is Pechanga in February:


And Camp Pendleton/Del Mar Beach in March:



And Chula Vista in April


There were assorted camping trips to San Clemente and Crystal Cove:


And that fairly well sums up our year so far…

Even with very busy lives, enjoyable times are being had by all…




2018-05-13 Mothers Day

Mothers Day 2018 was memorable for several reasons… First, of course, is to honor all the mothers among us.  This year our daughter became a mother again for the 4th time, with the birth of Evelyn:


We gathered for Mothers Day at their house in Burbank; they’ve been camping out in the guest house since Christmas, so it was great that they could celebrate in the newly remodeled “big house”…


Thirdly, we have been packing and moving and unpacking and remodeling and such since March, so this was a nice time to relax and spend time with family.

One more event in May:

Ian’s Birthday:


It was a long day, with lots of driving, but an enjoyable time was had by all…



















2018-05-11 – Where have we gone? Redlands, CA!

Big News:  We have moved from Irvine, in the OC, to Redlands, in the IE!



Yes, we traded the (semi) modern condo for a 1905 Victorian.  It has the best front porch in the neighborhood, and we are enjoying it immensely!

We love the small town feel, the historic neighborhoods, and the bustling downtown that is Redlands.  Days are warm (95 degrees is not uncommon – wait until summer!) but it cools off into the high 50s/low 60s by morning.  We walk to restaurants, grocery stores, church, and just about every other errand possible.  Thursday evenings the whole town gathers on State Street downtown for “Market Night”, where there is a Farmers Market, and many stalls hawking tchotskies, clothes, food (tamales!), Jesus, all forms of politics, and many other things.  And when it’s over, we have a quiet stroll home…


We’re spending a lot of time on the front porch, enjoying happy hours, waving to the neighbors, and just relaxing.  On June 22, continuing every Tuesday and Friday night through the summer, The Redlands Bowl, a 4,000 seat outdoor amphitheater, holds concerts and other entertainment.


The Bowl is about a 3 minute walk from the house. We look forward to the start of the season.

So we are getting settled in. We had “minor” remodeling to do, which is coming along slowly. Maybe some day we can enjoy the house and yard to its fullest…

And then an enjoyable time will be had by all…!





















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