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Woodstock, NB

2017-08-16 Westbound, on our own…

We left Jellystone Park before it was light. We love traveling this way – just not every day…  After an hour or so we stopped at our first ever Tim Horton’s.  As we pulled around to the back we saw Linda and Gerry Belcher’s Airstream Interstate:

2017-08-16 Info Center - Belchers

We pulled in next to them.  It appears that they were asleep – all windows shades were drawn…

We had a quick “breakfast”, then pulled out onto the road. No sign of life from the Belchers… (Later we had a text message from them that they were awake, making coffee, but did not see us parked next to them…)

A few miles down the road we spotted a WalMart off the road, with three Airstreams parked for the night; we learned later that it was the three Kentuckians – Westheimer, Virgin, and Lanford.

Later that morning we saw Ed and Abby Krissman again.  This time at a gas station. We said a quick, “Hi”; they were were headed into New York, and they had left Tom Jones behind as they dropped down into Maine.  There was also a Visitors Center that had some problems with its question mark…

2017-08-16 Info Center

So we caravanners keep spreading out all over the country; one group took the ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland…!

By early afternoon we had crossed over into Quebec, and were approaching Quebec City. We stopped in at the Levis/Quebec City KOA and parked for the night…

2017-08-16 Quebec - KOA

We have booked a shuttle to take us into the Old City tomorrow, and we settled down for a nice quiet Happy Hour on our own…

PS: There are three other Airstreams in this park. We hope to meet them tomorrow…














2017-08-15 Nor by Nor’east Caravan is Over! Back on our own…

The caravan is over – we packed up this morning, said our last good-byes, and headed out of the RV park.

We leave PEI via the Confederation Bridge, locally named Span of Green Cables… Then our plans are to travel west, through New Brunswick, then north to Quebec;  once in Quebec, we head southwest to Quebec City, Montreal, the 1000 Islands, and towards London, Ontario.  There we visit CanAm RV to have new rock guards installed, and to check out our non-functioning refrigerator.  From there we go to Boblo Island, on the far western edge of Ontario – there we will reunite with our grandchildren:

2017-08-26 McAnoy

PEI is beautiful – not much wilderness, but lots of farmland…

2017-08-15 PEI 8

2017-08-15 PEI 6

The trip over the bridge (the longest bridge in the world going over waters that freeze…), across the Northumberland Strait, was uneventful; even paying the toll was easy. Then we were on to New Brunswick.  Just over the bridge we were joined in our travels with two other Airstreams – that of Tom Jones and Ed Krisman.  They had left the RV park ahead of us, but apparently they had stopped for something or other.  We convoyed along for awhile, then parted ways as we stopped for fuel.

We reached our destination – Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park – in Woodstock, NB.

2017-08-15 Woodstock NB - Jellystone

Obviously, this is a kid and family oriented park, with miniature golf, playgrounds, pools, jumping things, a small water slide area, and all sorts of planned activities put on by the park.  They put us into a site at the rear, away from most of the activities.  We settled into the Villa, and enjoyed a peaceful evening alone.

About 9:00 pm, long after we were in bed, (it was almost dark!) we heard the camp PA system announce that it was time for the “Bedtime Story with Benny the Beaver”, obviously a popular activity. But then they added that there was a thunder storm warning being issued.  So I got up and disconnected our electrical power just to be safe. It was just as well – we plan to leave before first light in the morning…













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