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Chula Vista

2019-01-27 to 2019 01 31 – Crystal Cove State Park – Moro Campground

We left Chula Vista RV Resort at about 1:15, hoping to arrive at Crystal Cove State Park, El Moro Campground, at 3:00, which is check-in time.  We drove north on the 5, the 15, the 805, and the 5 again, finally exiting at the 1 in San Clemente.  We then drove north on Pacific Coast Highway for 12 miles, passing through Dana Point, Monarch Beach, Laguna Niquel, South Laguna, and Laguna Beach.  Naturally, on a Sunday afternoon, with great sunny weather, Laguna Beach was packed, but the drive was wonderful, despite towing The Villa through the crowded, narrow highway…


We arrived safely, checked in, parked, and were set up by 4:00.  Then we hit the beach.  We haven’t been here since March… Before we moved to Redlands we walked this beach two-three times per week…


The beach was lovely, the tide was low, and the weather was warm… Sunset was even nicer!


Today is the last day of “Restaurant Week” in Newport Beach, so we broke form and went out to dinner.  We went to Pescadou, a great French restaurant on Balboa peninsula.  We haven’t been here in several years and it was great to see Jacques again…

Monday morning found us walking the beach again…


After a day of relaxing and puzzling we again had our Happy Hours as the sun set…


Tuesday morning we were treated to breakfast by our Airstream friends; a day of relaxing and puzzling ensued…


Tuesday evening we again ventured outside the RV Park, going to Fashion Island to watch a big screen showing of “The Wizard of Oz”.  Much fun…

Wednesday was pure relaxation.  Walk along the beach, a stop at Starbucks, puzzling, movies on TV, and more relaxation.  4:00 brought Happy Hours…


Thursday brought the rain.  We packed up and headed for home…

And an enjoyable time was had by all…

2019-01-24 to 2019-01-27 – South Coast Airstream Club – Chula Vista RV Resort

Our second rally of the new year.  Technically this is the February rally, but the Chula Vista RV Resort is closing January 31, so we moved our dates up one week…


If you recall, we had left our Airstream at the dealer in Temecula for service.  So today we loaded up the truck and drove to Temecula.  It seemed quite odd to be heading out to a rally without the Airstream!  But once we arrived at the dealer and hitched up, all was well again.  We arrived at the RV park at about 1:00 after an easy drive.  We set up and relaxation began.  That evening we had a nice small Happy Hours at the picnic table in our site – there were 5 Airstreams which had arrived early as we had.


Friday was the official start of the rally.  We had a relaxing day, and enjoyed lunch at the local eatery, The Galley, at the adjacent marina.


By Friday evening all 14 Airstreams had arrived and Happy Hours ensued…

On Saturday we served 30 people breakfast (we are “hosts” of this rally, along with another couple, so we had a few extra responsibilities…).


At 10:00 we walked the 3/4 mile to the trolley station and we rode into downtown San Diego.  We strolled the streets, eventually arriving at Little Italy.  We stopped in for a light lunch at a small restaurant, then we walked some more.  We eventually made our way to the waterfront, then we headed to “the oldest bar in San Diego:”  The Waterfront Bar.  We enjoyed some cocktails, and eventually we found our way to the trolley station.  We  were back at the RV park by 3:00 or so.


Happy Hours started at 5:00 and Dinner began at 6:00.  Hamburgers and all the fixin’s were on the menu.


Sunday morning was quiet and slow, with continental breakfast at 8:30.  Breakfast was done and the clubhouse was cleaned by 10:00 and we began to get ready to leave…

We are heading to Crystal Cove State Park, where we will be camping for another four  days…

And an enjoyable time was had by all…

2018-06-01 Catching up on Airstream Camping and Travels

So, between packing and moving and remodeling and unpacking (not all in that order…) and with more grandchildren to chase around, we have been sticking pretty close to home.  First, so that we could be in California for the blessed event (Evelyn) in March, we postponed our planned Cajun Country Caravan until next year.  Then, so that we could move and almost keep our sanity, we postponed the Springtime in the Rockies Caravan until next year.  However, we have been able to attend several local Unit rallies of the South Coast Airstream Club:

This is Hemet in January:


This is Pechanga in February:


And Camp Pendleton/Del Mar Beach in March:



And Chula Vista in April


There were assorted camping trips to San Clemente and Crystal Cove:


And that fairly well sums up our year so far…

Even with very busy lives, enjoyable times are being had by all…




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