This morning, before we left the campground, we once again walked to the Serpent River:

2017-08-29 Spragge 03

2017-08-29 Spragge 02

Amazing how quiet it is in the early morning…

But we must press on; we pull out of the RV park and continue traveling west, along the northern shore of Lake Huron…

After checking our maps we see that we might stop in Sault Ste. Marie for lunch.  Sault Ste. Marie is at the junction of Lakes Huron and Superior, and the locks between the two lakes are here. There are actually two cities named Sault Ste. Marie – one in Michegan and one in Ontario…

The bridge and one of the locks:

2017-08-29 Sault Ste Marie 04 Locks

We had parked in the lot at a shopping mall right in downtown Sault Ste. Marie:

2017-08-29 Sault Ste Marie 03

We walked along the waterfront and enjoyed the sights.  Eventually we found ourselves at Solo Trattoria, a nice Italian restaurant; it appears to be a favorite of “Ladies who Lunch”…

And, like the ladies, we lunched:

2017-08-29 Sault Ste Marie 02 Lunch


2017-08-29 Sault Ste Marie 01 Lunch

The mussels were delicious!

Back on the road we came to Katherine’s Cove – recommended by our waitress at Solo. We pulled off the highway, then realized there was no turn-around; however, being adept at 3-5-7-9 point turns with the Villa, I soon had us parked neatly in a “No Parking” zone, and we headed for the beach.  This is Lake Superior, or Lake Gitche Gumee, according to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Hiawatha; Gordon Lightfoot also sang about it… the Edmund Fitzgerald sank not far from here in 1975….

(An aside here:  a few years ago TCA (my former architecture firm) did an apartment project for the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company; they were the owners of the Edmund Fitzgerald; in fact, it was named after the president of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company… It was their flagship freighter, and it was a huge hit to company morale for many years, so I’ve been told…)

Anyway, Katherine’s Cove is a lovely beach…

2017-08-29 Katherines Cove 06

2017-08-29 Katherines Cove 07

2017-08-29 Katherines Cove 02

2017-08-29 Katherines Cove 01

2017-08-29 Katherines Cove 05

After enjoying Katherine’s Cove as long as we could we headed to our final stop of the day: Wawa RV Park:

2017-08-29 Wawa 2

It has a river, too:

2017-08-29 Wawa 3

We readied Happy Hours and an enjoyable time was had by all…

2017-08-29 Wawa 1