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2019-04-19 – Airstream Caravan Travels – Columbia, SC to Asheville, NC…

We had a little unexpected excitement this morning when I went out to start to prepare to hitch up:


The rear window/hatch of my camper shell had shattered.  There were no signs of foul play, no rocks, nothing missing out of the truck.  The most valuable thing in the truck are extra bottles of bourbon, and they were all fine.

The nearest SnugTop dealer is in Oklahoma City – we will not be getting this replaced any time soon…

But we had plastic sheeting and duct tape; a few minutes later, with a lot of help from the VanZanens, we are ready to go:


We are driving today from Columbia, SC to Asheville, NC.  This is somewhat northwest, and it is a fine interstate highway all the way.  Frankly, I’m getting a little bored with these interstates here in the south – they look like they just cut a giant swath through hundreds of miles of forest; and they all look alike – like this:


In any case, we were traveling along all nice and comfortable and some time around noon, somewhere south of Spartanburg, it started to rain.  Hard.  Very hard!

But the roads were good and the traffic kept moving most of the time.  Eventually we came to the North Carolina border:  (Trust me on this…)


By 3:00 pm or so we had arrived in Asheville; we backed into our spot, hooked up electricity, and huddled inside while the rain pounded on the roof and the skylights…

Finally around 5:00 pm the rain started to slow a bit; We checked out the RV park, and bought some coax cable so we could reach the cable connection…


We added one more sticker…


The vistas around the park are lovely.  This is the first time we have been in hills and mountains…  (Sunday we will drive through the Great Smokies!)


The cherry trees and the dogwood trees are in bloom, although the rain has washed off all the cherry blossoms onto the ground…


Happy hours and dinner of several days’ worth of left-overs ensued.

And an enjoyable time was had by all…

2019-04-18 – Airstream Caravan Travels – Columbia, SC…

This morning we met the VanZanens at the zoo… And you know how much I love zoos!


Just a reminder:  Flamingos have nothing to do with Airstreams!  There is no connection, no tradition, no reason to wear flamingo-emblazoned clothing, no reason to install flamingos around your Airstream!


Feeding the giraffe!


After the zoo we went to downtown Columbia…

First Presbyterian Church:


The church is surrounded by  a cemetery, dating back to the early 19th century.  Woodrow Wilson’s parents are buried here, as is the wife and four children of a man who went back to Connecticut in 1855 because he was a northerner and was unhappy with the political climate in South Carolina.  There are also numerous political figures, ministers, and church families.  Very interesting!

We then walked to the capitol building; great story on the plaque about the construction and destruction… Note that one of the broken columns from the capitol was used as a confederate memorial in the Presbyterian church cemetery…


Lynda and Maria with George Washington…


Inside the main lobby, looking up at the rotunda…


Legislative chambers of the SC House of Representatives… when we arrived into the lobby it was packed with men and women in suits; the House had just adjourned; the Senate was still in session…


We exited through the main portico and continued walking through downtown…


Soon lunch happened at the Blue Marlin; very nice!  It is located in the old train station…


After enjoying the streets of downtown we drove a short ways to a river-walk; we walked about 1/2 mile down, then back up along the river…


We reconvened at Brent’s house and enjoyed happy hours; more family time…


We returned to the Villa; an enjoyable time was had by all…

2019-04-17 – Airstream Caravan Travels – Chattahoochee Hills, GA to Columbia, SC…

We woke up in the Villa on the farm outside Serenbe… it was cold!  The Villa was cold!


We walked to the hamlet of Selborne and had a tasty breakfast at the Bake Shop, called Blue Eyed Daisy.


Walking back to the Villa we passed these pastoral scenes…


We hit the road, trying to avoid the traffic that is Atlanta.  Soon we were heading east on the 20, heading to Columbia, SC.  And there we were…



We are visiting Lynda’s sister and some of her family here in South Carolina.  Soon we arrived in Columbia and set up in the RV park…


We left for Maria’s sister’s house about 2:00 and enjoyed an afternoon of catching up and a lovely dinner…

And that was about it!  No touristing today; maybe more tomorrow…

And an enjoyable time was had by all…

2017-09-30 Westbound; Family day in Maple Valley…

Today is all about Lynda spending quality time with her sisters.  I spent quality time watching football!

We are in Maple Valley, WA, at the home of Lynda’s sister and her husband, Barb and Terry DeKruyf:

2017-09-30 Washington 03 Maple Valley 03

Lynda’s sister Maria Van Zanen is visiting from South Carolina as well:

2017-09-30 Washington 03 Maple Valley 01

The Villa is parked in their front yard:

2017-09-30 Washington 01 Maple Valley 01

2017-09-30 Washington 01 Maple Valley 02

Terry was working this weekend; Lynda, Barb, and Maria visited and played Scrabble; I watched football:

2017-09-30 Washington 01 Maple Valley 03

Mid-day I went for a walk to meet some of the neighbors:

2017-09-30 Washington 01 Maple Valley 06

2017-09-30 Washington 01 Maple Valley 05

2017-09-30 Washington 01 Maple Valley 04

Later in the afternoon we drove about 30 minutes southwest to the home of Barb’s son, Andy, and his wife, Danae.  Andy cooked a great dinner of salmon and Kobe beef.  Maria read to Andy’s daughter, Riley:

2017-09-30 Washington 02 Maple Valley 01

It was a nice day of relaxing and visiting family.  An enjoyable time was had by all…



























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