We had a little unexpected excitement this morning when I went out to start to prepare to hitch up:


The rear window/hatch of my camper shell had shattered.  There were no signs of foul play, no rocks, nothing missing out of the truck.  The most valuable thing in the truck are extra bottles of bourbon, and they were all fine.

The nearest SnugTop dealer is in Oklahoma City – we will not be getting this replaced any time soon…

But we had plastic sheeting and duct tape; a few minutes later, with a lot of help from the VanZanens, we are ready to go:


We are driving today from Columbia, SC to Asheville, NC.  This is somewhat northwest, and it is a fine interstate highway all the way.  Frankly, I’m getting a little bored with these interstates here in the south – they look like they just cut a giant swath through hundreds of miles of forest; and they all look alike – like this:


In any case, we were traveling along all nice and comfortable and some time around noon, somewhere south of Spartanburg, it started to rain.  Hard.  Very hard!

But the roads were good and the traffic kept moving most of the time.  Eventually we came to the North Carolina border:  (Trust me on this…)


By 3:00 pm or so we had arrived in Asheville; we backed into our spot, hooked up electricity, and huddled inside while the rain pounded on the roof and the skylights…

Finally around 5:00 pm the rain started to slow a bit; We checked out the RV park, and bought some coax cable so we could reach the cable connection…


We added one more sticker…


The vistas around the park are lovely.  This is the first time we have been in hills and mountains…  (Sunday we will drive through the Great Smokies!)


The cherry trees and the dogwood trees are in bloom, although the rain has washed off all the cherry blossoms onto the ground…


Happy hours and dinner of several days’ worth of left-overs ensued.

And an enjoyable time was had by all…