Our second day in Columbus was Sunday, so, naturally, we went to church. There are many modern churches in Columbus designed by famous architects, so we needed to make a choice. We selected the First Christian Church, designed by Eliel Saarinen (father of Eero…)

2017-06-18 Columbus - First Christian Church 1

It was fun to sing the old hymns in such a modern church. The church was built in 1942. It was the first contemporary building in Columbus and one of the first churches in the United States to be built in a contemporary architectural style.

After church we drove to the north part of town and spent 2 hours walking several blocks of very nice houses, some designed by famous, dead architects.

On this walk we saw:

North Christian Church, the last building designed by Eero Saarinen:

2017-06-18 Columbus - North Christian Church 2

2017-06-18 Columbus - North Christian Church 3


2017-06-18 Columbus - North Christian Church 4


St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, designed by Steven R. Risting (Ratio Architects):

2017-06-18 Columbus - St. Bart Catholic Church


Schmitt School, designed by Harry Weese; the first school that took advantage of the Cummins Foundation’s offer to pay the architect’s fees:

2017-06-18 Columbus - Schmitt School 2

2017-06-18 Columbus - Schmitt School 1


Northside School, designed by Harry Weese:

2017-06-18 Columbus - Northside School


We walked about 6 miles through the north Columbus neighborhood, so we needed a break at Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor (open since 1900) for lunch:


Since this was Day #9 on our trip, we spent the rest of the day doing laundry, cleaning house, and setting up computer paraphernalia… An enjoyable time was had by all…