Today is a four State day!

We left Topsfield Fairgrounds at 4;45 am to get an early start on the day.  We are heading for Vermont!

2017-07-19 Vermont Welcome.JPG

Vermont welcomes us, we had a lovely breakfast, and we added a sticker:

2017-07-19 Map Vermont

A few minutes later we were in New Hampshire. We had a beautiful drive, stopping for fuel and adding a sticker:

2017-07-19 Map New Hampshire

We proceeded to Maine, and we stopped at Cabella’s in Scarborough to make a deposit; we had caught up with the rest of the caravan that had left Topsfield at 9:00 am or so:

2017-07-19 Cabellas

And we added another sticker:

2017-07-19 Map Maine

This completes our eastbound journey – coast to coast, from the Southwest to the Northeast:

2017-07-19 Map Eastbound

We stopped to shop at LL Bean in Freeport, and met up with more friends:

2017-07-19 LL Bean 1

2017-07-19 LL Bean 2

I bought two pairs of shoes (actually moccasins…).  And we headed for the final destination of the day: Searsport RV Park:

2017-07-19 Searsport - The Villa

We set up and settled in…

Tonight we have a campfire and something called s’mores.  I don’t get why you would ruin a perfectly good marshmallow like that…

2017-07-19 Searsport - Campfire

We had a long day. And an enjoyable time was had by all.