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2019-04-18 – Airstream Caravan Travels – Columbia, SC…

This morning we met the VanZanens at the zoo… And you know how much I love zoos!


Just a reminder:  Flamingos have nothing to do with Airstreams!  There is no connection, no tradition, no reason to wear flamingo-emblazoned clothing, no reason to install flamingos around your Airstream!


Feeding the giraffe!


After the zoo we went to downtown Columbia…

First Presbyterian Church:


The church is surrounded by  a cemetery, dating back to the early 19th century.  Woodrow Wilson’s parents are buried here, as is the wife and four children of a man who went back to Connecticut in 1855 because he was a northerner and was unhappy with the political climate in South Carolina.  There are also numerous political figures, ministers, and church families.  Very interesting!

We then walked to the capitol building; great story on the plaque about the construction and destruction… Note that one of the broken columns from the capitol was used as a confederate memorial in the Presbyterian church cemetery…


Lynda and Maria with George Washington…


Inside the main lobby, looking up at the rotunda…


Legislative chambers of the SC House of Representatives… when we arrived into the lobby it was packed with men and women in suits; the House had just adjourned; the Senate was still in session…


We exited through the main portico and continued walking through downtown…


Soon lunch happened at the Blue Marlin; very nice!  It is located in the old train station…


After enjoying the streets of downtown we drove a short ways to a river-walk; we walked about 1/2 mile down, then back up along the river…


We reconvened at Brent’s house and enjoyed happy hours; more family time…


We returned to the Villa; an enjoyable time was had by all…

2017-08-17 Westbound; Quebec Old City

The KOA outside Quebec offers a shuttle service to take us into Quebec; as we waited, I noticed this truck parked across the street:

2017-08-17 Quebec - Big Truck

They grow them big here in Canada…

The bus arrived promptly on time, and by 9:00 am we were in vieux cite Quebec.  First, of course, is the fortress!

2017-08-17 Quebec City 33

The walls around the fortress provide wonderful views of the old city (vieux cite)…

2017-08-17 Quebec City 20


2017-08-17 Quebec City 19


2017-08-17 Quebec City 18


The city plaza is dominated by a huge, old, hotel: The Frontenac. (It is now a Fairmont…)


2017-08-17 Quebec 43


2017-08-17 Quebec 44

As we love to do in cities we walked the streets. We love finding the quaint, beautiful, historic, and charming sites…

2017-08-17 Quebec 41


2017-08-17 Quebec City 35



2017-08-17 Quebec City 46



2017-08-17 Quebec City 34


2017-08-17 Quebec City 36


2017-08-17 Quebec City 39


2017-08-17 Quebec City 45


We even found the American Consulate, in case we got into trouble…

2017-08-17 Quebec 42

We also found that Quebecois like to have fun in the winter: on the town square is a sledding slide:

2017-08-17 Quebec 21


And, of course, what we also like to do is find a charming sidewalk cafe to enjoy lunch:


2017-08-17 Quebec City 38

We ordered a bottle of wine…

2017-08-17 Quebec City 37

Finally the duck confit arrived

2017-08-17 Quebec - Lunch 01

After lunch we walked some more, but then we needed to stop for some espresso while we waited for the shuttle to take us back to the Villa.

Back in the RV park, we met two other Airstreamers: one was from Connecticut; they were enjoying their 3rd new Airstream in the past year (16′, 22′ and now 25′).  I’m sure their Airstream dealer is driving a new car, too… The other Airstream was being pulled by a nice Mercedes GL350, that looked vaguely familiar. Once we got to talking, we realized that we had seen them in Lunenburg, NS, and they had met some of our fellow caravanners whilst they were there…!

So Happy Hours ensued; an enjoyable time was had by all…









2017-07-05 Caravan Rendezvous

Today we begin the Nor by Nor’east Caravan!  Today we join with 24 other Airstreams to spend 6 weeks exploring the Atlantic Coast from Rhode Island to Prince Edward Island.

2017-07-05 Ashaway RV Park 01

We left Croton Point in the Hudson Valley with our destination being Ashaway, Rhode Island.  We wanted to avoid driving the New York City area, as well as coastal Connecticut, so we headed straightaway for Danbury, CT.  After a short drive we found ourselves at the largest Trader Joe’s store we have ever seen.

After replenishing our supplies we continued on our way.  Somewhere, on Highway 6, in the middle of Connecticut, we thought we spotted an Airstream far ahead of us.  Soon we confirmed that it was an Airstream, and we thought we could see another ahead of it.  I pushed the throttle ahead a bit, and, lo and behold, there were THREE Airstreams, all heading east, and all from Kentucky!  We soon passed them and we all made our way into Rhode Island and the Ashaway RV Park.  There we joined the others, many of whom had been there for two or three days already.  We parked the Villa, got set up, and met our leaders, Trevor and Gale Lake.

Connecticut and Rhode Island stickers:


Being the neighborly types, we invited our 2 neighbors to happy hour at our site.  I guess word spread, because 35 people showed up. An enjoyable time was had by all.

That evening we had an orientation meeting to discuss the general culture of the caravan and to confirm and explain tomorrow’s activities.

The group meeting:

2017-07-05 Ashaway RV Park 03


The campground:

2017-07-05 Ashaway RV Park 02


The caravan will last 41 days and we will camp at 11 places; we will travel about 1,000 miles, including side trips, detours, and excursions.  The weather today was warm and sunny; we won’t be so lucky tomorrow, when we head to Mystic Seaport…

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