Today we begin the Nor by Nor’east Caravan!  Today we join with 24 other Airstreams to spend 6 weeks exploring the Atlantic Coast from Rhode Island to Prince Edward Island.

2017-07-05 Ashaway RV Park 01

We left Croton Point in the Hudson Valley with our destination being Ashaway, Rhode Island.  We wanted to avoid driving the New York City area, as well as coastal Connecticut, so we headed straightaway for Danbury, CT.  After a short drive we found ourselves at the largest Trader Joe’s store we have ever seen.

After replenishing our supplies we continued on our way.  Somewhere, on Highway 6, in the middle of Connecticut, we thought we spotted an Airstream far ahead of us.  Soon we confirmed that it was an Airstream, and we thought we could see another ahead of it.  I pushed the throttle ahead a bit, and, lo and behold, there were THREE Airstreams, all heading east, and all from Kentucky!  We soon passed them and we all made our way into Rhode Island and the Ashaway RV Park.  There we joined the others, many of whom had been there for two or three days already.  We parked the Villa, got set up, and met our leaders, Trevor and Gale Lake.

Connecticut and Rhode Island stickers:


Being the neighborly types, we invited our 2 neighbors to happy hour at our site.  I guess word spread, because 35 people showed up. An enjoyable time was had by all.

That evening we had an orientation meeting to discuss the general culture of the caravan and to confirm and explain tomorrow’s activities.

The group meeting:

2017-07-05 Ashaway RV Park 03


The campground:

2017-07-05 Ashaway RV Park 02


The caravan will last 41 days and we will camp at 11 places; we will travel about 1,000 miles, including side trips, detours, and excursions.  The weather today was warm and sunny; we won’t be so lucky tomorrow, when we head to Mystic Seaport…