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Bend, OR

2017-10-04 Westbound; Lakeview, Oregon…

We had a leisurely morning in the Villa.  We went for a walk and marveled at these strange formations:

2017-10-04 Oregon 08 Bend 012Ice2017-10-04 Oregon 08 Bend 01 Ice

We were told that this is ice.  mmmm… Well, it was 30 degrees here this morning…

We left the park and headed southeast; we drove over a very remote part of eastern Oregon (over 95% or people in Oregon live west of here…).  The land is very rocky and volcanic; the views are wonderful:

2017-10-04 Oregon 09 Views 032017-10-04 Oregon 09 Views 022017-10-04 Oregon 09 Views 012017-10-04 Oregon 09 Views 04

After about three hours we reached the Junipers RV Park in Lakeview, OR.  The RV park in in the center of a 5,000 acre working cattle ranch.  The sun was warm but the air is cold.  (I haven’t yet figured out how that can be…)  We parked the Villa and set up for another cold night:

2017-10-04 Oregon 10 Lakeview 022017-10-04 Oregon 10 Lakeview 01

Happy hours ensued and an enjoyable time was had by all…

PS: Since this is another short, travel day post, I have added pictures of the grandchildren (and their Mom…):

2017-10-04 McAnoy 022017-10-04 McAnoy 01


















2017-10-03 Westbound; Bend, Oregon…

Another beautiful day in Bend; we drove to town and parked about 1/2 mile away in a lovely park:

2017-10-03 Oregon 06 Bend 01

Walking along the river we found another dam; at one time this dam had a powerhouse or mill:

2017-10-03 Oregon 06 Bend 072017-10-03 Oregon 06 Bend 032017-10-03 Oregon 06 Bend 052017-10-03 Oregon 06 Bend 06

We enjoyed another walk through downtown:


2017-10-03 Oregon 06 Bend 132017-10-03 Oregon 06 Bend 122017-10-03 Oregon 06 Bend 112017-10-03 Oregon 06 Bend 102017-10-03 Oregon 06 Bend 092017-10-03 Oregon 06 Bend 08

We stopped in for a late lunch at Drake; they had very creative and different food;

Battered and fried portobello with beer cheese:

2017-10-03 Oregon 07 Bend Drake 02

Buttermilk fried chicken:

2017-10-03 Oregon 07 Bend Drake 01

We returned to the Villa at about 3:30; we discovered we had new Airstream neighbors; they have quit their jobs, sold their house, and are moving here.  They will be spending the winter here in Bend in their Airstream while they look for work and look to buy or build a house…

Happy Hours ensued; an an enjoyable time was had by all…

























2017-10-02 Westbound; Bend, Oregon…

We bid farewell to Silver Falls and headed southeast to Bend.  We need to climb over some mountains to get there, so we were rewarded with some lovely views:

2017-10-02 Oregon 02 Views 01

2017-10-02 Oregon 02 Views 02

More woods and mossy trees:

More fall colors (ie: dead leaves…):

2017-10-02 Oregon 02 Views 06

We also had awesome views of Mt. Washington:

2017-10-02 Oregon 02 Views 08 Mt Washington

We arrived in Bend, OR, population 80,000, elevation 3,623.  We parked at Scandia RV Park, and set out for a walking tour of downtown; the Deschutes Rived flows northward through town, with nice walking paths and views to the lovely waterfront homes across the river:

2017-10-02 Oregon 03 Bend 01

We found some ducks enjoying dinner:

2017-10-02 Oregon 03 Bend 042017-10-02 Oregon 03 Bend 032017-10-02 Oregon 03 Bend 05

And more fall colors:

2017-10-02 Oregon 03 Bend 102017-10-02 Oregon 03 Bend 092017-10-02 Oregon 03 Bend 072017-10-02 Oregon 03 Bend 062017-10-02 Oregon 03 Bend 02

2017-10-02 Oregon 03 Bend 12

We found the dam that keeps the river under control:

2017-10-02 Oregon 03 Bend 13

We stopped into the Crater Lake Spirits tasting room and sampled some of their finer spirits.  Then, as dusk approached, we went to Zydecko for dinner:

2017-10-02 Oregon 05 Bend 022017-10-02 Oregon 05 Bend 01

And an enjoyable time was had by all…













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