Crystal Cove State Park, between Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, on the southern California Coast, is one of our favorite places for a quick weekend getaway. It’s about a 20 drive from our home in Irvine, all sites have full ocean views, and there are plenty of opportunities for walking and relaxing, with stores and restaurants nearby if we have a need for them.

Most of the time we walk on the beach for an hour or two in the morning, then read, work on jigsaw puzzles, watch an old movie, and just hang out. Every evening brings happy hours with friends who are camping with us.  We also take turns preparing dinner for the group, so all meals are very relaxing and fun times.  We have visits from other friends and family, and weather is usually beautiful – even though each year we camp four or five times between September and March.

This year is an exception. This past January we had rain and we had to have all happy hours and dinners inside our Airstream.  Yesterday when we arrived and set up, the weather was again beautiful. Happy hours and dinner was outside at the picnic table, and an enjoyable time was had by all.

Today rain showers started about 4:00 am and all morning it was cloudy, overcast, and very windy.  Heavy rain is expected at noon, with 1-3 inches of rain expected over the next 24 hours.

These pictures show the contract between yesterday and today…

With all this rain I should be able to add updates through the weekend… We hope you can stay dry, wherever you are…

Phil and Lynda