The Villa is on the move once again. We continue our travels east; today we crossed over into Ohio and we arrived at Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati.

2017-06-19 Map Ohio


2017-06-19 Cincinnati - Jungle Jims

Jungle Jim’s is a giant grocery store; it is so big that they hand out maps and give a suggested route for a self-guided “tour”.  It is a combination of your local farmers’ market, Whole Foods, Kroger, Pike’s Market, Sur la Table, Fisherman’s Wharf, and every specialty bakery and deli you have ever seen.  We wandered the aisles for two hours, looking at cheeses, meats, tanks of live fish and lobster, cookware, wines and liquor, and food from all over the world. They have a hot sauce section, a cooking school, and a gallery overlooking the butcher shop so that you can watch the butchers at work.  There is something for everyone here… It was exhausting…

Following our tour, we found our RV park and set up for the night, then we headed out to experience downtown Cincinnati. We met up with High School friends from California, Scott and Yvonne Becksfort. We walked the streets of “Over The Rhine”, a slowly gentrifying neighborhood, then we took a break and tried the local ice cream purveyor, Graeter’s.

2017-06-19 Cincinnati - Ice Cream

We walked along the riverfront, looking across to Kentucky, and strolled by the Reds’ Ballpark.  Then we headed for an early dinner, and returned to the RV park.  All in all a relaxing, fun, and easy day.