We awoke Sunday morning to sunny skies.  I stepped outside and I immediately found the source of the strange sound during last night’s storm: The fiberglass cover over one of the roof-top air conditioners was lying on the lawn next to the Airstream!  Good news was that it didn’t blow away…! At least CanAm can re-install it tomorrow…

My daughter and her three children were nice enough to fly in to Toronto to see us:

2017-06-20 McAnoy 2

2017-06-20 McAnoy 1

They were also seeing Toronto Family and Friends…


We took an Uber to the London train station, then took the express train to Toronto.

2017-06-25 Toronto 01

We all met up at the station, then walked through the streets of Toronto. We found a playground to keep the kids occupied and we caught up on our various happenings.

2017-06-25 Toronto 11

Erin, Kevin, and the kids had a lunch date with Kevin’s Toronto family, so we said our goodbyes and Lynda and I headed off to walk some more.  We found the “Distillery District”.  It’s an old industrial area converted to pubs, shops and restaurants. Unfortunately, we did not find a distillery.  But we did find a great French Bistro to escape to when it began to rain.

2017-06-25 Toronto 22

After lunch we headed out again. We did some window shopping, and when the rain started again we ducked in for coffee.  Then more walking.

We found a great old church, and the old City Hall.

2017-06-25 Toronto 34

2017-06-25 Toronto 33


We saw Justin Trudeau drive by. But he didn’t stop to chat…

2017-06-25 Toronto 35

In the afternoon we met up with the kids again, but after a busy day the boys were a little sleepy…


Roisin enjoyed the Underpass Playground…

2017-06-25 Toronto 77

Finally it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and headed back to the train… An enjoyable time was had by all…