Another tourism day, in the rain, this time to Plimoth Plantation. I know, I’m not spelling it correctly, but that’ the way they spell it, so I will go along. It also helps to distinguish it from the town of Plymouth…

2017-07-11 Plimoth 04

Similar to Mystic Seaport, Plimoth Plantation, founded in 1947, is a living history museum just outside Plymouth, Massachusetts, that attempts to replicate the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony established in the 17th century by English colonists who later became known as the Pilgrims.  In many ways, Plimoth Plantation is similar to Mystic Seaport, in that it displays buildings built as the Pilgrims would have built them; there are costumned people who will speak the Olde English, and will tell you what life in the Plimoth is all about.

The largest building in the village is the meeting house, which was later fortified into a “fort”:

2017-07-11 Plimoth 01

They even built a wall around the village to keep out their enemies:

2017-07-11 Plimoth 02

I’m not sure who they think they will keep out with this fence, but what do I know…?


The local residents, posing with the tourist:

2017-07-11 Plimoth 05


And the typical houses:

2017-07-11 Plimoth 07

2017-07-11 Plimoth 06


The buildings and gardens were interesting, but I came to fear sticking my head inside a house lest I be invited in and be subjected to some stranger talking to me.  I don’t like talking to strangers…

So after seeing all that there was to see, including a moderately interesting Indian village and a museum, we had a quick lunch and headed back to the Villa.

Tonight was our second GAM (Get Acquainted Meeting). We were hosts to 4 other couples. We enjoyed the social time getting to know each other and hoping to remember their names…

Our dinner for the evening was provided by the caravan, in the RV park Rec building:

2017-07-11 Sandy Pond Chicken Dinner

Each couple received a whole “broasted” chicken, plus all the side dishes and desserts we wanted… It was another opportunity to socialize with the other 48 people on the caravan. And an enjoyable time was had by all…