Today is moving day once again. We traveled from Plymouth to Topsfield. The trick, though, was to avoid Boston and their bridges and tunnels that prohibit propane… So it was a relatively long drive, about 125 miles, 2 1/2 – 3 hours.  We are camped on the grounds of the Topsfield Fair:

2017-07-15 Topsfield 01

No defined camp sites, just a lot of grass:

2017-07-15 Topsfield 02

It was fun to be all by ourselves – just the Airstreams and the Caravanners – no one else anywhere around…

That evening we once again had a meeting to discuss the tourism opportunities in this part of the country:

2017-07-15 Topsfield 03

Since this day has little other opportunities for photos, I post pictures of my grandchildren; they are at the beach in California:

2017-07-15 McAnoy

And an enjoyable time was had by all…