The first thing we noticed upon awakening in Maine is that the water sometimes does weird things – like just disappear…

2017-07-20 Searsport - Tide 4

If you recall, last night’s blog post showed the water lapping at the base of the RV park, like this:

2017-07-19 Searsport - Tide 1

Now it is like this…

2017-07-20 Searsport - Tide 2

Anyway, water comes in and then it goes out…

Our first full day in Maine began with a pancake breakfast, prepared by the RV Park. They have a nice tented area with picnic tables, just off the beach.  They have an outdoor kitchen and they seem to have their act together.  We had a lovely breakfast with blueberry pancakes and blueberry waffles, with both real and fake Maple syrup.   After having a nice time socializing with the other caravanners, we went our separate ways.  We opted to spend the day planning our return trip, across Canada, north of the Great Lakes, to Minnesota and back to California after the caravan ends.

2017-07-20 Searsport - Breakfast 22017-07-20 Searsport - Breakfast 1

We took several walks throughout the day and strolled along the beach. In between, we researched campgrounds and made reservations. It was a nice, productive time.

At 5:00 pm we rejoined the caravanners for Happy Hour and then, at 6:00 pm the fun began.

2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 01


2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 02

2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 03

The lobsters came out.

This was a traditional Maine Lobster bake; the lobsters are first boiled lightly, then they are packed in between seaweed into crates, which are placed atop this giant iron slab over a raging hot fire. They spray water onto the hot iron slab, creating steam which then finishes the cooking of the lobsters.

2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 04

2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 06

2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 08

2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 10

2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 09

Steamed lobsters are supposed to be the best.  And I think we all agree.

2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 11

2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 15

They also had steamed clams and mussels, plus corn on the cob and potatoes.

2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 07

For dessert there was peach cobbler…  Massive amounts of food was consumed, and an enjoyable time was had by all.  There were also steaks for the non-shellfish eaters in the group.  We found some wine to accommodate all tastes.

2017-07-20 Searsport - Lobster 31

An enjoyable time was had by all…