We on the move again.  (Have I said that before?  It is part and parcel of the caravan life…)  Today we move just 36 miles down the road, to Timberland Acres RV Park in Trenton, Maine.   Why move just 36 miles?   Searsport was great, with lots of support and activities put on by the RV park staff – meals, campfires every night, and the yada yada.   But the park was a little rough around the edges, with oddly sloping sites and no sewer connections.  But it was right on the water, and they provided great services.  There are always trade-offs. Timberland Acres had large, beautiful pull-though RV sites, but was pretty bland otherwise – exactly opposite from Searsport.

We stopped along the way at Home Depot, where I bought some nuts:

2017-07-23 Airstream Home Depot 02

We pulled into our site and hooked up and set up.  The Caravan was pretty much alone in this section of the park:

2017-07-23 Timberland Acres 06

2017-07-23 Timberland Acres 05


We took some walks, and at 6:00 pm we had a cheese and wine party – basically happy hours, with all the food and wine provided by the caravan.  After hours of wine and cheese, out leader, Trevor, asked people to tell the group about their hobbies.  Somewhere along the line this turned into yarn-telling.  And hilarity ensued.  You might be surprised, but I had a few yarns to add to the mix…

2017-07-23 Timberland Acres 03

2017-07-23 Timberland Acres 02

2017-07-23 Timberland Acres 01

Late into the evening (about 8:30 pm) we retreated to the Villa and retired.  An enjoyable time was had by all.

Again, this being moving day we have few pictures. However, I do have darling grandchildren, so I post pictures of some of them (and their friends):

2017-07-23 Roisin and Ian


2017-07-23 Ian