We spent a quiet day in an empty RV park in Grafton, ON:

2017-08-21 Grafton 04

We had good internet access, so we spent the day catching up on reading, writing, and arithmetic (paying bills)…

We also had semi-good TV, so we were able to see and hear all the breathless hype over two minutes of darkness… We did poke a hole in a piece of cardboard to project the sun’s image onto a piece of white paper out on the picnic table; in our location we were at about 70%; we could see it in the tiny, 1/8″ image. I wasn’t impressed. I spent the majority of the eclipse like this:

2017-08-21 Grafton 02


We had some nice walks, around the RV park, and along the adjacent country roads. There was even a creek for Lynda to sit by:

2017-08-21 Grafton 01

The rest of the day we relaxed and enjoyed Happy Hours:

2017-08-21 Grafton 03

And, once again, an enjoyable time was had by all…