We again traveled to Boblo Island to meet up with our grandchildren. Today, right after we arrived, we went for a long walk around the decrepit, dilapidated amusement park (what is left of it…).

The most prominent feature is the tower, which used to be a ride where visitors were taken to the top, then spun around… Now it’s just a tower… but it helps in your orientation as you walk around the wild country…

2017-08-25 Boblo - Park 09

We found the old lighthouse:

2017-08-25 Boblo - Park 02

This used to be the end of the island and this lighthouse was at the entrance to the Detroit River, just off Lake Erie.  But the land has been filled in, so this abandoned lighthouse sits useless in the middle of a field…

There is also a block house, used to house prisoners and defend the island in the 1830s:

2017-08-25 Boblo - Park 04

The rest of the south end of the island contains all types of abandoned buildings:

2017-08-25 Boblo - Park 06

2017-08-25 Boblo - Park 05

2017-08-25 Boblo - Park 06

This is the ferry terminal for the 5,000 passenger ferry from Detroit:

2017-08-25 Boblo - Park 08

The dance hall and concert venue:

2017-08-25 Boblo - Park 10

Lynda and Roisin had a chance to catch up after their long time (2 months!) apart:

2017-08-25 Boblo - McAnoy 03

We had a lovely walk – we saw spooky black squirrels, snakes, lots of birds, and assorted other critters…

Upon our return to the hose we found that we have been joined by Kevin’s two brothers and his father… The more the merrier!

The kids played around as usual.  As dusk fell, they brought out the yard lights:

2017-08-25 Mc Anoy 16

After a lovely dinner, we said our goodbyes and we returned to the Villa; an enjoyable time was had by all…