2017-09-01 GMC 03

Sunday in Thunder Bay; we attend another Christian Reformed Church; in fact, there are three CRCs in Thunder Bay, a town of only about 108,000 people.  Today we went to the suburban church, about 15 miles out of town…  (Around the corner, within 1/2 mile, is a United Reformed Church, an ultra-conservative spin-off of the CRC.)

2017-09-10 First CRC 01

2017-09-10 First CRC

It appears to be a fairly new building; it looks like it was built in conjunction with Thunder Bay Christian School.

It was the most conservative, traditional CRC we’ve ever been to… An old CRC tradition was for the members of the Council or Consistory (The governing body of Elders) to walk into the church together, along with the minister.  I remember that tradition from days of my youth.  I just haven’t seen it in 30 years or so.  But another even older tradition was for the President of the Council to shake hands in front of church with the minister before and after the service. I have never seen that… until today.

Every song sung here was from one of the Hymnals.  No repetitive, upbeat praise songs here.  On the other hand, unlike the Bethleham CRC  last week, there were many families, lots of kids, and a good size congregation – I’d estimate 200 people.

But it was a nice service; the minister is the same one who had pre-recordrd the video sermon we heard last week.  (Same minister, different sermon…)

One more CRC tradition: They hold two services on Sunday, and they expect you to be at BOTH!  (We were oncers…)

After Church we had a restful day, catching up after our trip to Wisconsin.  We needed to do laundry, and find some internet; we found both within one block in downtown Thunder Bay:

2017-09-10 Laundromat

2017-09-10 Bean Fiend

Once we were back in the Villa we relaxed until dinner time; tonight we tried Caribou:

2017-09-09 Carribou

We walked to and from the restaurant; it was nice to get out after all the driving we have done over the past several days.  The weather was nice.  An enjoyabe time was had by all…