We left Junipers RV Park in Lakeview, OR and soon we reached the promised land:

2017-10-05 California 01

We are happy to be back in California; we left California on June 10…

Today we are heading into the Lassen National Forest and Burney Falls State Park.  We’ve wanted to see Burney Falls since we first heard about it in 2006.  Today is the day!

We had an uneventful drive south along the eastern border of California, not far from Nevada.

We reached Burney Falls State Park about noon.  The falls are not far from the Visitors Center; we soon had a peak at them as we started down the canyon:

2017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 01

The path takes us over the stream above the falls; interestingly, the stream flows mostly underground until about 3/4 mile upstream, where some of its water pops to the surface.  (More on this later…)

We crossed the bridge and walked through the woods, hearing the falls and occasionally getting a glimpse of them.  Along the way we had nice views of the stream.

2017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 022017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 032017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 042017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 052017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 062017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 07

Finally we were able to get a full view of the falls:

2017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 08

As we drew closer we noticed the interesting shape and location of the falls and the water:

2017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 092017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 10

Notice how the water is flowing not only over the top of the rocks, but from within the rocks as well!

The underground stream stays underground even as it comes to the surface 3/4 mile upstream, and it is this underground water that flows out of the layer of porous and fragmented rocks that are lodged between the harder basalt rock.  Here is the sign which explained the phenomenon:

2017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 11

2017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 12

We admired the blue color of the pool at the base of the falls; there were even men casting here:

2017-10-05 California 02 Burney Falls 13

(No fish in sight…)

We like walking to see waterfalls, as you may have noticed… We hope these are not our last…

We headed out of the State Park and drove about 25 miles to our campground for the night: Rancheria RV Park in Hat City:

2017-10-05 California 03 Rancheria 012017-10-05 California 03 Rancheria 02

Happy Hours ensued and an enjoyable time was had by all…