It is our custom in the South Coast Unit to hold a Holiday Party and to install the new officers on the first Sunday of December.  Several years ago we decided that it would be fun to camp near the event, so now we, along with a few others, spend the weekend at San Clemente State Beach, one of our favorite camping spots.  The party and the installation are held nearby at the Clubhouse in Cypress Shores, adjacent to the State Park.  Before the festivities began we went into the adjacent greenbelt and took a group picture:


We began the weekend by picking up The Villa at C&G in Bellflower, who had finally repaired the damage to the Airstream that occurred last May and June.  It all looks great now!

We arrived at San Clemente and checked into our site.  Our friend, Rob, was already there, and we were joined by the Bangerts later on in the afternoon.   We spent the afternoon relaxing and reorganizing various things inside; we are still recovering from moving out after our long trip over the summer and we are readjusting as we go.


We did have some time to walk to overlook the beach and remember why we like this place.  We have not been here since last April – I think that is the longest we have been away for many years…


(PS:  the house in the background surrounded by trees is “Casa Pacifica”, President Nixon’s “Western White House”.  When we were camping here while teenagers, and he was in residence, we would walk along the beach and chat with the Secret Service agents who blocked off the beach to prevent us from walking closer to the house.  Several years later, when we bought our first house nearby in Laguna Niguel, our next door neighbor was a Secret Service agent who drove to San Clemente everyday to help guard the now-former president…)

Friday evening was the PAC12 football championship football game between Stanfurd and U$C, two of our favorite teams to root against; so we were OK with whichever team lost… (Stanfurd lost…)

Saturday morning we once again walked along the beach trail to the pier and had breakfast and coffee at Bear Coast Coffee.  This is my favorite view from our sidewalk table:


Saturday was another lazy day of watching football; there were 4 games, all of which helped decide the final four teams who will play in the playoffs:


The last games were not over until well past my bedtime.  It was a tough day, but someone had to do it.

However, tonight was a “super moon”  I did step outside long enough to catch a shot over the Airstream:


Fortunately, Sunday was an easy day.  We walked once more to Bear Coast Coffee, then I recovered from a busy Saturday:


Finally it was time for the big event:  We got all dressed up and headed to the party:




We were able to see the sunset:


We returned to the Villa for a good night’s sleep; Monday we returned home and picked up our three grandchildren for a fun 4 day, 3 night sleepover, whilst their parents enjoy a quick vacation away…


And an enjoyable time was had by all…