The day dawned beautifully!  We walked along the beach path about 1.25 miles to Bear Coast Coffee, where we enjoyed coffee and a fabulous breakfast burrito…


This is the “Pier Bowl” area – a natural cove where the Pier is located, and around which all other beach related activities occur.  We can watch the trains go by, watch the trucks delivering their early morning supplies to the retailers, and we can watch surfers, Jr. lifeguards, walkers and joggers come and go.

This afternoon we will be joined by our friends, the Carmichaels and the Millers.  Also visiting for the day will be our daughter, Erin, and her thundering herd…

Baby Evelyn is growing like a weed…:


And the kids had a great time in the water; Roisin learned to use the boogie board, while Ian and George watched from the shore:


Although a bit hectic, it was a fun day; we fed the kids early dinner, then put on a movie for them in The Villa, and we adults could enjoy a calm happy hour.

And an enjoyable time was had by all…