Today was Disneyland Day!

This required leaving the house at 7:30 am and fighting traffic to Anaheim, finding the way to the Toy Story parking lots, finding the Accessible parking stalls, getting John in his wheelchair out of the van and over to the shuttle bus, onto the bus and thus to the entrance to the park.  Everything went flawlessly and with no drama.


The meet-up with Erin and her three oldest kids also went well and the day went off without a hitch…


Waiting for the teacups…


On the Teacups…


Roisin even got to sit on the forward deck of the boat as they floated into the whale’s mouth…!



The funny story about this photo is that shortly after this was taken, another little girl walked by, leaned over, and took a nice long slurp off George’s ice cream …!

This was George’s first trip to Disneyland.  He declared that his favorite ride was “Bungo” (or Dumbo) but we didn’t get any photos, so here is one from Small World.


And what about “The Happiest Place on earth”?  Not at Disneyland – It was right here in Redlands, where I spent the day dog-sitting Yan…


And an enjoyable time was definitely had by me and Yan…