After our exhausting day at Hopewell Rocks yesterday, today we rest.  We did some reading and writing, and I think I even took a nap.

2017-07-30 Moncton Camper City 02

We did go to a Super WalMart. I had never been in one of these before… As odd as that is, don’t forget that we are in Canada. We will be in Canada for another 5-6 weeks, so we better get used to it!

Shopping was fun, because we didn’t have any idea what they had, and we were not very picky about what we bought. We needed a few staples, but after that, we were able to buy whatever looked good and would fit into the Villa.

We did “host” Happy Hours:  We would invite people to our campsite for Happy Hours, then tell them, “Bring your own chair, bring your own food, to share, and bring your own drink.  We’ll do the rest.”  We do this almost every night.  Sometimes one person will show up, sometimes more. Once, I told 2 people, and 35 people showed up! It doesn’t matter, we all have a good time.


2017-07-30 Moncton Happy Hours 02


2017-07-30 Moncton Camper City 01

We had a drivers’ meeting to learn of tomorrow’s route into Nova Scotia. This will be a new experience for us: we are part of the parking crew.  We leave first in the morning, get to the campground early, and arrange where everyone will park, then we direct them to their spots.  How hard can this be?

So after the meeting we grabbed our bright orange vests and a pair of walkie-talkies, and retired to the Villa. Another uneventful day on our Odyssey.