We left early, along with Trevor and Gale, our leaders, and Skip and Kathy, our other parking crew members. It was a relatively long drive – about 3 1/2 hours. But the road was smooth and we discovered some of the beauty of Nova Scotia. We are staying about 15 miles outside of Halifax, which will give us a base from which to explore the mainland of Nova Scotia.

About 1/4 mile from the entrance to the campground we approached a flagger, stopping traffic.  We sat for 20 minutes, while opposing traffic came through. They were repaving this 2 lane road, and so we waited… Taking advantage of this long wait, Kathy went back to the Airstream to avail herself of the sanitary facilities. When she exited the trailer, she opened the door and just about knocked over a guy on a moped, curb-sneaking along the right side of the road.  While he didn’t hit the door, he had to take evasive action and a string of French swear words emanated from the mouth of this very irritated man…

Upon arrival at the campground the manager showed the three of us where to park. He also wanted to assign all of the other sites as well. The park is a little oddly laid out (aren’t they all?) In any case, our work was limited.  Skip and Trevor stayed back among our allotted sites, whilst I stayed by the office, passing out campground information and telling each Airstreamer what to expect when the manager led them back to their site.

The first caravanners pulled in about 1/2 hour later than we expected because, duh! they were sitting in the stopped traffic out front. By the time the last folks arrived their wait had been over 45 minutes… Anyway, in the mean time, Lynda didn’t really have any assigned duties, and all I had to do in between arrivals of Airstreams was to sit in the shade and watch the 3 teenage girls in the pool across the way…

That evening we had a tourism meeting, explaining our options for exploring the area, and we again hosted Happy Hours, with about 15 people attending.  Several folks drove into Halifax to see the Tall Ships up close… Tomorrow we take a bus tour around the area.

2017-07-31 Halifax - Woodhaven RV Park 03

2017-07-31 Halifax - Woodhaven RV Park 02

2017-07-31 Halifax - Woodhaven RV Park 01