Yes, there really is Wine Country in Nova Scotia, and, like all Wine Countries, it is beautiful:

2017-08-02 Rose Bay 02

Today we explore the Nova Scotia Wine Country. Or I should say: “Wine” Country. We will be exploring and enjoying the countryside, not so much the “Wine”.  From what we hear, grapes are pretty scarce in Nova Scotia “Wine”…

But first, we stopped off in the town of Windsor. As usual, there was a great church:

2017-08-03 Windsor, NS 3

We walked around the lake adjacent to the town. It was a good path and the views were great:

2017-08-03 Windsor, NS 1

2017-08-03 Windsor, NS 2

Our wine destination for today is Luckett Vineyards.  We did the wine tasting, avoiding the wines that were made from something other than grapes. I know – this is a little narrow minded of me, but I’m sort of picky this way…

They have something here called Tidal Bay. It is a wine unique to Nova Scotia.  Many wineries make Tidal Bay, but it must be approved by the “wine police” before it can be sold under the name Tidal Bay.  It is a white wine, good with seafood, sort of like a Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc.  There are rules about what goes into it, and it is limited to no more than 11% alcohol.  It was probably the best wine they had… We also somewhat liked their Triumphe – a red wine made of 100% Triumphe grapes, whatever they are.

After our tasting we quickly made our way to their outdoor restaurant.  We had heard that they fill up quickly, even though it is a very large area, under a big white tent.  We ordered a glass each of the Tidal Bay and the Triumphe, and we were pleasantly surprised that they tasted better at lunch than in the tasting room. The restaurant was packed withing 10 minutes of our seating, and when we left there were 50 people waiting for tables.

2017-08-03 Luckett Winery 4

We had been invited by our tasting server to spend some time “frolicking about” in the vineyards. So we frolicked:

2017-08-03 Luckett Winery 3

We came upon a red, London phone booth.  We were invited to make a free call to anywhere in North America; unfortunately, the booth was occupied, or I would have called YOU!

2017-08-03 Luckett Winery 2

Our next stop was the town of Wolfville; this turned out to be another wonderful town, with many restaurants and coffee shops. This must be the tourist center of the North Shore, because no small town like this could possibly support this many restaurants… We walked the streets, and stopped for coffee; we returned to the Villa, and prepared for Happy Hours. We had a Drivers’ Meeting to discuss tomorrow’s move to Cape Breton Island.

And an enjoyable time was had by all…