Today we traveled off the mainland of Nova Scotia onto Cape Breton Island.  Cape Breton Island makes up about 1/3 of the province of Nova Scotia. Our first stop:  Louisbourg. I’ve seen pictures of California beach towns taken in the 1920s or 1930s; they look similar to Louisbourg today:

2017-08-04 Louisbourg - 03

We left Hammond Plains and the Halifax area and arrived at the appointed time at the campground in Louisbourg.  Parking was in turmoil; the park was very tight.  The parking crew did a great job keeping things in order and eventually everyone was parked successfully.  While the park was tight and it is small, it is located within walking distance of just about everything we need to see here in Louisbourg.

We set up the Villa, and walked about the town; it is very quaint and quiet; there is some fishing industry, but, again, tourism seems to be the mainstay of the town.  We walked towards the docks, and found that the Tall Ships had arrived:

2017-08-04 Louisbourg - Tall Ships 01

Also on our walk we spotted this place across the bay:

2017-08-04 Louisbourg - 02

It is the Louisbourg Fortress; we are going there tomorrow.

The bay was another Nova Scotia wonder:

2017-08-04 Louisbourg - 01


We walked back to the Villa and prepared for Happy Hours. An enjoyable time was had by all…