We drove from Quebec to Montreal; it was a short drive, but we did have some heavy rain.  We arrived at the RV park – Camping Cle’ des Champs – a beautiful park, mainly set up for full- and mostly-timers who summer here, then flee to Florida or Arizona for the winter.  The sites are huge – about 5,000 sq. ft., and most are paved with stone pavers, with a storage shed, and a screened porch, or entire screened and glassed-in rooms, containing kitchens, dining areas and lounging areas.  Our site, where they park the overnighters like us, are also very nice, but not quite as luxurious as the seasonal sites:

2017-08-18 Montreal 20 Airstream Villa

We enjoyed some leisure time, planned our day in Montreal tomorrow, and Happy Hours ensued:

2017-08-18 Montreal 22 HH

Since I have no other photos today, I post photos of my grandchildren who are flying out from California to see us on Boblo Island in late August… This is what they look like at midnight while changing planes in Denver…

2017-08-23 McAnoy

I don’t thing they were having an enjoyable time…