Today we go in to see the old city of Montreal. While this RV park did not offer a shuttle into the city, they did tell us how to take a city bus. The station was about a two mile drive from the RV park; we then boarded a bus and 20 minutes later we were in Montreal.

After a short walk we were in the old city and were at the plaza in front of the Basilica de Notre Dame:


2017-08-19 Montreal 18 Bassilica

As majestic as this facade was, it didn’t prepare us for the interior!

2017-08-19 Montreal 17 Bassilica

2017-08-19 Montreal 16 Bassilica

2017-08-19 Montreal 15 Bassilica

Obviously, much of the impressiveness comes from the well-designed lighting, but still, it is breathtaking!

Then we started walking the town. We HAD to stop for a late breakfast of crepes:

2017-08-19 Montreal 13

The old city is a lot of fun. We were there early, so it was not crowded, and streets reserved for pedestrians later in the day are bustling with delivery trucks..

We walked down to the waterfront; they had a lot of amusement park type places, and was not really interesting, but it was a nice stroll among the trees…

Then we walked back up to the Old City. Things had changed! The streets were packed with people. Restaurants were putting tables and chairs out onto the sidewalks.  Throngs of people were everywhere!  It was marvelous!

2017-08-19 Montreal 10

2017-08-19 Montreal 06

2017-08-19 Montreal 12

2017-08-19 Montreal 07

We found that Montreal has many lovely french-style cafes:

2017-08-19 Montreal 19

And then they also have this:

2017-08-19 Montreal 14

And soon it was time for lunch:

2017-08-19 Montreal 05 Lunch


2017-08-19 Montreal 04 Lunch


2017-08-19 Montreal 03 Lunch

After our late lunch we headed back towards the bus station. Along the way we found a brave soul pulling an Airstream through old Montreal…

2017-08-19 Montreal 02 Airstream

Upon arriving at the bus station, we found that, of course! Doesn’t every bus station have an ice skating rink?

2017-08-19 Montreal 01

We caught our bus and soon were back at the Villa.  We took a swim and had more Happy Hours. And an enjoyable time was had by all…