As I said last time, we left Amherstburg before dawn:

2017-08-27 Amherstburg

We had a quiet, smooth, easy drive in the dark.  We were back on the freeway, heading east for awhile; we exited the freeway at the junction with our north-bound route and spotted a coffee shop that was open. We stopped in, picked up some coffee, and headed north.

Lynda was able to take a few pictures of the sunrise out of the truck window:

2017-08-27 Sunrise 1

2017-08-27 Sunrise 3

2017-08-27 Sunrise 5

2017-08-27 Sunrise 2

Soon we were in the hamlet of Grand Bend.  We pulled into the parking lot at The Beer Store:

2017-08-27 Grand Bend

We figured they would be closed at 8:00 on a Sunday morning… We had a lovely breakfast in the historic Colonial Hotel.  It was the first real breakfast we have eaten on the road this entire trip!

Moving on, we pulled out of the beer store lot and headed north again, about 2 miles, and we stopped for fuel… I found that the credit card that I carry in the truck to use for fuel was nowhere to be found.  We paid using a different card, and beaded back to the The Beer Store.  Sure enough, there it was, on the ground. I think I drove over it twice, and probably a few other people did as well…

So we head north once again.

We like to stop every hour or so top stretch our legs, so when we saw a sign for a light house we turned left and drove to the end of the road. Sure enough, there was a light house and, better yet, a large lot for us to use to turn around. We walked on the beach (this is Lake Huron…), talked to the local folks (prices for beach-front houses have skyrocketed lately – houses on the beach go for as much as $400,000 – $500,000…!), and we had a restful stop.

2017-08-27 Point Clark 5

2017-08-27 Point Clark 4

2017-08-27 Point Clark 2 Lighthouse

2017-08-27 Point Clark 1

2017-08-27 Point Clark 3 Lighthouse

Our final destination for today is Land’s End RV Park, located in Tobermory, which is a tiny town located on the northernmost tip of a 250 mile long peninsula sticking into the middle of Lake Huron, the second largest of all the great lakes… We are here to take a ferry tomorrow to continue our trip north. I’m sure Tobermory is a busy little town during the summer, but it must be very quiet in the winter when the ferries do not operate…

Across from the RV Park was a beach on a river; beautiful spot!

2017-08-27 Lands End 04

2017-08-27 Lands End 05

2017-08-27 Lands End 03

2017-08-27 Lands End 02

2017-08-27 Lands End 01

We had a nice happy hour and turned in early; we have to be at the ferry landing before 6:00 am tomorrow…