As we warned you, we were up and out of the RV park at 5:30, arriving at the ferry landing at 5:45.  We learned something:  We could have parked the Villa HERE last night (after 8:00 pm) and slept in the Villa; there were 5-6 RVs doing just that!  We would have had an extra 1 1/2 hour of sleep and we would have saved C$62.00 for the RV site…!

Anyway, we were all checked in and all we had to do now was wait. We look a few laps around the landing…

2017-08-28 Tobermory 1

Soon we were ready to board… It was a tight fit!

2017-08-28 Tobermory 2 Ferry

2017-08-28 Tobermory 3 Ferry

2017-08-28 Tobermory 4 Ferry

2017-08-28 Tobermory 5 Ferry

We had a lovely ride, enjoying breakfast in the cafeteria and walking around the various decks of the ferry.  We are crossing Lake Huron, heading to Manitoulin Island.  Lake Huron is filled with islands, but Manitoulin is the largest island in a fresh water lake in the world!  It fact, Manitoulin  it so large that it has a lake on it that is so large that there is an island in it that is so large that there is an lake in it!  With an island!

2017-08-28 Tobermory 6 Ferry

The crossing was uneventful; Manitoulin  Island is very remote and rural – farms and grazing land, and just a lot of empty land. Along the way we stopped to see the White Fish River and its falls:

2017-08-28 White Fish Falls 3

Apparently there used to be a mill here:

2017-08-28 White Fish Falls 6

2017-08-28 White Fish Falls 2

2017-08-28 White Fish Falls 5

Down stream, the river is quite calm:

2017-08-28 White Fish Falls 4

Soon we were at our camping spot for the night: Serpent River RV Park.

2017-08-28 Spragge 1

There is a Serpent River:

2017-08-28 River

We prepared for Happy Hours and an enjoyable time was had by all…