A long drive again today, but we are not in a hurry. The roads are smooth (when we are not in a construction zone…)***  Weather was good, with a little rain sometimes, but nothing out of the ordinary; the truck performed flawlessly – with cruise control, exhaust brake, and automatic down shifting we go up and down hills effortlessly and very quietly.  There is no better truck in the world!

***We are ALWAYS in a construction zone…

After driving for about an hour we started to look for a place to stop and stretch our legs. Areas for stopping are few and far between (or is it far and few between???). We finally found just what I was looking for:

2017-08-30 A and W

I think the last time I had an A&W Root Beer Float was in Canada at Niagara Falls in 1961. I even bought the “frosty mug”!  Today, however, they serve it in a plastic cup…

Driving further, we stopped at the town of Marathon; we parked at Canadian Tire (which, by the way, sells WAY more than tires…), and walked about one mile to the Pebble Beach:

2017-08-30 Marathon Pebble Beach 07


2017-08-30 Marathon Pebble Beach 06

2017-08-30 Marathon Pebble Beach 03

2017-08-30 Marathon Pebble Beach 02

2017-08-30 Marathon Pebble Beach 01

Walking back, we noticed that all the houses we very similar: very boxy, almost cubes. We saw street after street of them…

2017-08-30 Marathon Houses

Our drive the rest of the day consisted of very nice roads, cutting through shear cliffs of granite; trees and grass growing right out of the top of the granite:

2017-08-30 Granite

We arrived at Thunder Bay KOA and settled into our first full-hook-up site in many days! Happy Hours were many, and an enjoyable time was had by all…