We slept late, took long, hot showers, and acted as if we were on vacation.  Then we set out to see what we could see of Thunder Bay…

We drove to town, but were not impressed… So we headed out to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.  However, the best view of the Sleeping Giant is right here in Thunder Bay:

2017-08-31 Sleeping Giant PP

There he is, flat on his back, frozen in time, because of some dastardly deed he committed…

It was a long slow drive to the tip of the peninsula, but when we arrived we found that the best thing wasn’t in the park at all:

2017-08-31 Silver Islet 06

Silver Islet is a hamlet at the tip of this peninsula; Silver Islet is also a tiny islet in the lake, which contained Canada’s largest silver mine.  Today, just this cluster of vacation houses remain. There is a tiny marina and a general store, but the store closed for the season last week…

2017-08-31 Silver Islet 08

2017-08-31 Silver Islet 07

2017-08-31 Silver Islet 05

2017-08-31 Silver Islet 04

2017-08-31 Silver Islet 03

2017-08-31 Silver Islet 02

2017-08-31 Silver Islet 01

Not all the houses are in great shape:

2017-08-31 Silver Islet 09

It was a lovely walk, and we did see a bald eagle flying overhead…

Back at the RV Park, they are getting prepared for Halloween!

2017-08-31 Thunder Bay KOA Haloween

Another interesting note:  As we drove here from Wawa, we passed several mines just outside of Thunder Bay.  It turns out that these are Amethyst mines.  The RV Park had a few odd rocks laying about in the yard:

2017-08-31 Thunder Bay 02 Amethyst

2017-08-31 Thunder Bay 01 Amethyst

The entire surface of these giant boulders is covered in Amethyst…!  Amazing!

We adjourned for Happy Hours; we return to the USA via Duluth tomorrow!