We again had a leisurely morning; at about 11:00 am we checked out of the Thunder Bay KOA and headed to Minnesota.

We never made it.

2017-09-01 GMC 02

We had just entered the freeway heading south when it became clear that the truck was not running properly.  It was running rough, and losing power.

We limped into the Chevy dealer in Thunder Bay. The service manager was obviously NOT having an enjoyable time, and she told us that there was no way they could see us today.  Did I mention that it is Friday afternoon on Labor Day Weekend?

However, she was nice enough to make a call to the nearby GMC dealer, and they agreed to see us.  We found it easily, and we were greeted warmly.

We dropped the Villa on their parking lot, and they pulled the truck into the service bay. The news is not good; something to do with pistons, cylinders, and things like that.  And there is no time yet today to get to the bottom of it, to see how bad it is, and to see how long it will take to get parts, once we know what is needed.

The good news:  EVERYONE here has been extremely nice!  They assured us that whatever the issue is it will be covered under warranty; they obtained for us a rental car (part of warranty), and they showed us where we can park and stay in the Villa, and where we can hook up to power.


2017-09-01 GMC 01

2017-09-01 GMC 03

Since we are stuck here for the weekend we might as well make the best of it… We set up the Villa, pushed out the slide-out, and settled in for the time being.  Tonight we went to a VERY nice restaurant: Bistro One.  The food and service was top-notch, and it made our evening very pleasant. The staff at Bistro One even compiled a list of things we can see and do while we are here in Thunder Bay…

We returned to the Villa just as it started to rain.  We love the sound of rain on the aluminum roof… Not too bad of a time was had by all…