Not much going on today at the Region 12 Rally, except for some WBCCI business meetings in the RV park clubhouse:


I considered going, but I decided I would rather stick needles in my eyes…

The Rally provided “Continental Breakfast” today; this consisted of boxes and boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts.  Last time I was in France, I don’t recall any Krispy Kreme donuts at a Continental Breakfast… Besides, isn’t Krispy Kreme an oxymoron?

We did a lot of walking in the morning, and in the afternoon, too.  We really like the path around the RV park:

2017-10-12 California 02 Jackson 012017-10-12 California 02 Jackson 022017-10-12 California 02 Jackson 032017-10-12 California 02 Jackson 042017-10-12 California 02 Jackson 05

The smokey skies were beginning to clear…

It was a good thing we walked a lot… For lunch we drove about 10 minutes away, to the hamlet of Pine Grove, to Giant Burgers 88:

2017-10-12 California 03 Jackson 01

We sat at the counter; cheeseburgers were great!  I kept expecting John Belushi to walk in and slap some burgers onto the flat top…

2017-10-12 California 03 Jackson 02

This evening, after Happy Hours, we had our traditional raffle, with a “The Price is Right” twist; Lynda was selected to “Come On Down”, and was presented with a selection of about 5 kitchen gadgets.  She nailed the price ($85 vs $86 actual) and proudly returned to the Villa with her loot!

2017-10-12 California 04 Jackson 02

These skills for The Price Is Right must run in the family:  Here is our son John in 2003:

2017-10-12 John TPIR 042017-10-12 John TPIR 032017-10-12 John TPIR 01

And an enjoyable time was had by all…