Today was a busy day.  The Warrens drove, and we left the RV park at about 10:30 am. Soon we arrived at Bella Grace Winery just outside of Plymouth:

2017-10-13 California 01 Bella Grace 06

Bella Grace is owned by one of the Airstreamers at the Rally.  They hosted a wine tasting, and educational tour of the vineyards, and tours of the wine caves…

2017-10-13 California 01 Bella Grace 042017-10-13 California 01 Bella Grace 032017-10-13 California 01 Bella Grace 022017-10-13 California 01 Bella Grace 01

The wines they were pouring were mostly their Italian varietals, and we enjoyed them a lot…

The vineyard talk was very interesting, learning about the farming aspect of wine and grapes:

2017-10-13 California 01 Bella Grace 122017-10-13 California 01 Bella Grace 152017-10-13 California 01 Bella Grace 142017-10-13 California 01 Bella Grace 132017-10-13 California 01 Bella Grace 11

As much fun as this visit was, we had other things on the agenda today… We left and drove to the town of Plymouth; lunch was in order:

2017-10-13 California 02 Amador Vintage Market 012017-10-13 California 02 Amador Vintage Market 02

We ate at Amador Vintage Market, which includes a great sandwich deli, a wine tasting bar, and lots of gourmet wine country types of things…

After lunch we walked the town a bit:

2017-10-13 California 06 Plymouth 022017-10-13 California 06 Plymouth 01

Next, the Warrens took us to their house in El Dorado.  They built it about 15 years ago on 10 hilly acres studded with oak trees.  The views were lovely!  They have put a lot of work into the place to make it look really nice!

After our quick house tour we headed down the hill to Convergence Winery.  This a favorite of the Warrens.  We agreed:

2017-10-13 California 03 Convergence 032017-10-13 California 03 Convergence 022017-10-13 California 03 Convergence 01

And by now, it was time for dinner.  In Plymouth, across the street from Amador Vintage Market, is Taste:

2017-10-13 California 05 Taste 012017-10-13 California 05 Taste 02

Next door is their newly opened boutique hotel called Rest.  We went in to Taste and found seats at the wine bar:

2017-10-13 California 05 Taste 032017-10-13 California 05 Taste 04

We ordered a bottle of Bella Grace Old Vines Zinfandel, and proceeded into dinner.  Lynda and I opted for small plates…

Steak Tartare:

2017-10-13 California 05 Taste 08

Flatbread with three cheeses:

2017-10-13 California 05 Taste 09

And something they called, Toma; cheese roasted on an oak plank, with honey , prosciutto, and grilled figs:

2017-10-13 California 05 Taste 10

It was a great meal!  Taste is a surprise gem in an otherwise very rustic, old town…

We returned to the RV Park.  Tonight’s entertainment put on by the club was a comedian; I stopped in to see what it was all about.  His jokes were OK, some were very amusing, but his real skill was in working the crowd… It was really fun!

After the comedian we watched Syracuse upset Clemson!  What could be more fun than that?  Well, I’ll tell you what:  CAL beat and humiliated a sleep-walking Washington State!  It was awesome!  Go Bears!

2017-10-13 Cal vs WSU.JPG

And an enjoyable time was had by all…